• Discuss woman as a link between the animal and the human.

• Talk about modern hybrid beings in pop culture, such as in transformers, robots, superheroes, etc.

• What could some beings of your own imagination prevent or protect today?

• Find images of the mythological hybrid creatures Cerberus, Centaur, Cecrops, Sphinx, Scylla, and Can you think of more? You can also match them with contemporary narratives, such as werewolves, teenage mutant ninja turtles, Frankenstein, or Spiderwoman.


•  in about 150 C., the Roman senator Terentius Lucanus brought a slave from Carthage to Rome and soon discovered that he had an aptitude for the arts. After he educated him and freed him, he took the same name (Terence the African) and became involved in writing comedies. None of the comedies were distinguished in their time. But Terence coined a great phrase, which sums up the way we ought to approach our own times:

“Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto,” or, “I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me.”

→ Could the monstrous also feel familiar to us, when it appears with human characteristics?