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The Contest’s results will be announced in June, just before the school year ends. The children’s artwork will be presented in September 2024 as part of the major exhibition during the 2nd Cycladic Kids Festival.

The 11th International Kids’ Art Contest by the Museum of Cycladic Art has the title “Today’s stories on ancient vases” and invited our little friends aged 4-15 to draw images of their everyday lives that they would like to leave as a personal footprint to future generations.

The International Kids’ Art Contest is one of the most successful initiatives of the Museum of Cycladic Art where thousands of children from Greece and abroad participate every year, special schools and refugee reception and integration centers. This year, through the Art Contest, we explore the permanent exhibition “Scenes from Daily Life in Antiquity” located on the 4th floor of the Museum of Cycladic Art. As we explore various themes and objects exhibited, we learn about the private and public life of ancient people in Classical and Hellenistic Greece. 

If ancient people provided significant images of their lives painted on clay vases, what would you choose to leave as footprint to future generations?

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