Bronze statuette of a Kouros from the Archaic Period.

The excellent rendering of the proportions, the shaping of the body, and the liveliness of the facial expression convey—in the best possible way—the virtue and ethos of the handsome young man.

From the Heraion of Samos. Ca 570 BC. Archaeological Museum of Vathy, Samos Α.01256.

© Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports/Ephorate of Antiquities of Samos – Ikaria/H.O.C.RE. D. Photograph: Photographic Archive of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Samos – Ikaria.


• Learn about the Korai and Kouroi of the Archaic Period.

• What is the most characteristic element in these types of statues?

• Learn about the “Archaic smile” in art.

• Discover the etymology of the word kalokagathia.

• In which city-state of ancient Greece did girls exercise together with the boys?

• What age were the Kouroi?


• Do you see any similarities in the figures of the Kouroi in terms of their movement, hairstyles, or facial expressions? If so, what are they?

• Is there a similarity in the body structure of female and male figures?

• For the ancients, nudity was the sign of a superior civilization. Discuss this in class.