The Cyclades 5000 years ago

Bronze Age

The Cycladic Civilization developed during the Early Bronze Age in 3200 BC. and its end dates back to around 2000 BC, the era during which the Minoans of Crete fought with inhabitants of the Cyclades for rule over the Aegean Sea.

Minoan -and later Mycenaean- Art gradually prevailed in all expressions of Cycladic Civilization until the end of the Bronze Age, around 1100 BC.

Periods of Cycladic Civilization

Cycladic Civilization is also referred to as Early Cycladic and is divided into three periods (Early Cycladic I, II and III). It became famous mainly for its small marble figurines that were found abundantly in tombs and settlements.

  • – Early Cycladic I period (ECI) 3200 – 2800 BC
  • – Early Cycladic II period (ECII) 2800 – 2300 BC
  • – Early Cycladic III period (ECIII) 2300 – 2000 BC


  • The Cyclades form a circle around which island?

  • How many islands belong to the Cyclades complex?

  • Do you know which is the largest island of the Cyclades?


The end of Cycladic Culture and Cycladic Art dates back to around 2000 BC.

  • ➜ Discuss which civilization claimed dominance over the Aegean among the ancient Cycladic people?


School children, particularly those of primary school age, do not always have a clear idea of precisely what the Cyclades are.

  • 1. Teachers may devise a simple geography game, distributing to the children a map on which the Cyclades are marked, giving the name of each island.

  • 2. The Cyclades may be enlarged, and the children are asked to cut out each island separately.

  • 3. The class may then be divided into two groups and asked to place the islands in their correct position, with the map before them.