Once Upon a time in the Cyclades


  • The children are divided into eight groups. Each group is given a card, which it examines for a few minutes.
  • The teacher/leader of the game reads out the accompanying texts one by one, and each group must identify the text that refers to its own card/painting.
  • After this, the teacher chooses one of the cards/paintings and they and the children discuss the information that can be derived from the picture (the teacher may base their remarks on the comments contained briefly in the document).
  • The same process is then created for all the pictures.
  • Finally, each group may be asked to tell a story based on the card/painting. The game has no winners or losers: everybody gains a piece of knowledge relating to the Cycladic Civilization.


  • 8 cards/paintings
  • texts (captions)
  • Teacher’s pamphlet.