Warrior's Farewell

This vase depicts a warrior’s farewell to his father and his mother of wife. The young soldier is standing in the middle. On one side, his father hands him the spear and shield, while the female figure on the other side holds in her hand two vessels, a flask and a wine bottle, to make a libation, an offering and a wish to the gods to ensure protection and the warrior’s return home unharmed.

The scene of the warrior bidding farewell before leaving for battle was a favorite subject in Athens in the 5th century BC.

Αττική ερυθρόμορφη πελίκη με σκηνή αποχαιρετισμού πολεμιστή, 440 π.Χ.

Defense equipment

To protect their heads from the fatal bowls in battle, the ancient Greeks wore helmets made of bronze. On some of them, small holes can be seen to tie the inner leather lining, which was necessary to prevent the warrior’s head from hurting from the weight. There were different types that evolved over time, but the Corinthian helmet was the most characteristic type of ancient Greek helmet and was used from the end of the 8th century BC until the end of the Classical period. The helmets that survive to our days come mainly from graves, where they were placed as grave gifts. Helmets have also been found in sanctuaries as offerings to the gods by the warriors themselves, after victorious battle.

Bronze Corinthian helmet, 475 – 450 BC


Offensive weapons

The sling was a weapon used in ancient Greece. It was a leather, usually, sling with a wider cavity and then, after grasping the two ends of the strap, it was spun around two or three times and, releasing one end, the bullet would escape, i.e. it would be “hurled” at high speed. In ancient times slings were used in hunting and warfare.

This particular sling bullet is made of lead and has engraved inscription, a name ΦΙΛΕΤΑΙΡ, perhaps the name of the warrior Philetaeros.

Lead slingshot slug. 7th century BC.


  • Sponde: Sacrifice, offering
  • Thorax: Defensive gear worn by soldiers to protect their core
  • Dory: An ancient weapon. A long wooden spear with a metal edge.


Only men who had completed their military service were considered citizens.


Make armaments with your friends and dress as ancient warriors. Use aluminum foil to make a helmet, sword, grieves, and shield (for the shield you will also need cardboard). Don’t forget to take a snapshot!