[1] Can I take part in the contest with more than one artwork?

Each contestant can only participate with one artwork in the kids’ contest.

[2] What materials can I use in the artwork that I will submit to the contest?

You can paint with markers, wood crayons, pastels, acrylics and watercolors, or even submit a collage.

[3] What age do I have to be to participate in the contest?

The kids’ contest is for children ages 4 to 15.

[4] If I wanted to write a text with my thoughts, or a story, instead of creating a painting, would my participation be considered valid?

You are welcome to write a story but, remember, this is a kids’ painting contest! Perhaps you could combine the two?…

[5] Can my artwork only be a painting, or can I also make a collage using different materials?

You can paint, make a collage, or even combine the two techniques, as long as the photo you send us clearly shows your artwork

[6] Can I submit my artwork, if I live abroad?

Yes, you are welcome to submit your artwork from wherever you are, as long as you correctly follow the steps we have outlined here.

[7] Can I take part in the contest on my own, or do I need to participate through my school?

You can either participate on your own, or through your school, as long as you participate with ONLY one artwork.

[8] What is the code that I have received via email, and how do I use it?

The unique code we will provide you concerns your participation. This code helps us find your artwork among thousands of other works!

On May 18, when all the artworks will be up on the website, you will be able to quickly and easily locate your own artwork, by inputting your unique code in the search field.

[9] What happens if I lose the unique code for my artwork?

Once you have completed the participation form, and after you have uploaded your artwork, the unique code will appear on your screen. I would be best if you wrote down the code, so as not to lose it. But, even if you can’t find it, don’t worry, we will have also sent the code to the email you provided!

[10] Whom do I contact when I have questions?

You can contact us by sending an email at kidscontest@cycladic.gr.
We will be more than happy to answer your questions!