What were these figurines after all?

Figurines and religion

Although we do not know which gods were worshipped by the ancient inhabitants of the Cyclades, archaeological evidence points to the hypothesis that they worshipped the “Great Mother Goddess,” associated with fertility, both in humans and in nature.

The secrets of Keros

On Keros, a small island between Naxos and Amorgos, a great number of broken figurines were found deposited together, along with clay and marble vessels. It can be presumed that all these objects did not just happen to break but were deliberately smashed for religious reasons.

Why do most of the figurines represent female figures?

➜ Because they were related to fertility

➜ Because they represented the “Great Mother Goddess”

Why are their arms folded?

➜ They are praying

➜ Because in this shape they were easier to make and less likely to break

Why are they standing on the tips of their toes?

➜ They are trying to reach something

➜ They are dancing

➜ They were lying down or leaning against something

Why are they often found in graves?

➜ To keep the dead company

➜ To serve the dead

➜ To protect the dead

➜ Because they were the beloved objects of the dead