The Museum of Cycladic Art’s painting contest for children started in 2012, with the goal of giving the opportunity to children, ages 4 to 15, to get to know the Museum of Cycladic Art, while simultaneously developing their imagination, inspired by one of the objects of the Museum’s permanent collections. 

Each year, the selection of the object is made following extensive research, always guided by the children themselves, so that the educational nature of the action is highlighted. Children participate in the contest independently or through their school. The evaluation of the artworks, and the announcement of the winners are undertaken by a jury—comprising different people each year—which consists of personalities from the fields of art, culture and education.

Every year, 36 winners emerge—3 from each age group (from Preschool to the 3rd grade of high school, as well as from Special Schools). Due to the new conditions and the huge number of participations, in 2020 the contest for children changed and for the first time all the works were exhibited online.

The online exhibition with all the children’ s work, starts on the 18th of May, the International Museums Day!

Here you will find the Everyday Heroes who came out winners, the Heroes who stood out, but most of all you will have the opportunity to discover the magical world hidden in every child’ s imagination!