Kylikes were cups with a tall base and two handles. Ancient people used them to drink their favorite drink, wine.

On the inside of the vase, a young man is taking wine from a large vase to serve the kylix, the glass in his hand. The outer side of the vase depicts men taking part in a banquet. They are seated on recliners holding kylikes, i.e. wine glasses, and preparing to play the kottavos. In this game, they were trying to aim at a large vase and throw the wine left in their glasses into it from a distance. A good omen followed the success of the goal, a sign that something good would happen in the future, which is why kottavos was a particularly popular game at banquet. Banquets were one of the most common forms of entertainment in ancient times. Male groups would gather to have fun and discuss, and they always drank their wine diluted with water.