Scenes from Daily life in Antiquity

The permanent Exhibition Scenes from Daily life in Antiquity – located on the fourth floor of the Museum of Cycladic Art – invites visitors to take a brief journey through space and time.

Beginning with the world of gods, heroes, and Eros, visitors continue their tour in the world of humans, learning about the activities engaged in by women in their private lives (as wives and mothers) and of men both in private (the home and banquets) and in public (the gymnasium, agora, and at war). Visitors can also examine aspects of religious practice and life after death in the kingdom of the Underworld.

The 142 artefacts of this Exhibition – drawn from the permanent collections of the Museum of Cycladic Art – are divided into nine subject groups according to their function or iconography and are displayed in seven large showcases. Most of the artefacts are from the Classical and Hellenistic periods (5th – 1st centuries BC).