Participate 2022

Take part in the contest by following the steps below:
It’s very simple!

[1] Download the design and print it on A4 size paper.

[2] Place your paper horizontally and not vertically, choose the materials and the colors that you like, and create—within the outline of the puzzle—the image that captures beauty for you.

[3] Take a photo of your work, using a smartphone or tablet. Make sure the surface of the work is clear of any surrounding objects. Alternatively, you can scan it.

[4] To make the painting look nice, turn on the light in your room, or find a spot with good, natural light. Be careful not to get your own shadow in the photo!

[5] Ask an adult to fill in your details in the participation form, and upload your project on the website. Caution! The file size should not exceed 5 MB.

[6] You can only participate with one artwork.

[7] Hold on to the artwork that you sent us because, if it does not look good in the photo, we may ask you to send it to us again!

[8] You can send us your artwork until April 17, 2022.

[9] If you have any questions, you can read the answers on FAQs here

Good luck!